After a 35 year “intermission” THE VILLAGE STOMPERS have returned. My name is Frank Hubbell and in October 1963, I organized and led the band for performances throughout the USA, Japan and Canada. Propelled by the hit record, “Washington Square,” we played both jazz and non-jazz venues and made recordings for Epic, Atlantic, Phillips, and Phonodisc (Canada). Our numerous local and network radio broadcasts included NBC and CBS. Local and network TV appearances included The Jimmy Dean Show (ABC, three times), The Tonight Show (NBC), On Broadway Tonight (CBS), Hootenanny (ABC), and The Mike Douglas Show (15 times). It was a great experience.

Beginning in 1970, I spent the “intermission” in S.E. Florida with club date, jazz and big band work; enjoying the weather, while dodging hurricanes. Now at retirement age, I’ve resurrected THE VILLAGE STOMPERS. Combining both “old” and “new” band members, we are looking for both “old” and “new” fans. "Old' fans will remember our entertaining and exciting approach to both the"Trad" and "Chicago" styles of Dixieland Jazz along with our original "Folk-Dixie"sound, made possible by our special instrumentation. “New” fans will start some great new memories.

Nationally known and of Headliner caliber, we're ready to thrill your audiences with our distinctive sound and unique presentation. There are a lot of great Dixieland Jazz bands around, but none quite like THE VILLAGE STOMPERS. Give us a call and we’ll prove it.

*Note: We were on the same bill with Louis Armstrong and his All-Stars and The Dave Brubeck Quartet at the Carter Barron Amphitheater in Washington. D.C. Aug 24-30, 1964. Of course, it was one of our more memorable bookings.


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